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Dartmoor Landscape Paintings

Personal Work

The Dartmoor Landscape is magnificent. The colours and weather are always changing. The landscape stretches out its vastness. There is a real sense of wildness and freedom in this terrain. It is full of ancient monuments . I am particularly interested in the changing weather and capture its raw mood through my paintings. I use a variety of mixed media.

Evening Mist- £700

Acrylic and pastel -A1 Canvas

Towards Sossans Wood £250

Acrylic and watercolour A3 canvas.

Autumnal Valley - Challacombe Farm £550

Acrylic, ink and pastel - A1

Mardon Down - Dartmoor

Sunbeams. Mardon Down £500

 Acrylic, pastel & collage A1canvas


Norweigen Retreat - £120  A4 Watercolour and acrylic

Ancient woodland . Pen and ink

Blackdown Droveway . Ancient woodland

Watercolour , pen and ink. £210

Dartmoor - Stormy weather

Between storms - £250

Acrylic on A3 Canvas.

Dartmoor Landscape

Bracken and Mist - £180

Acrylic on board A3


Evening Glory - Narramore view £245   Acrylic and ink on slate


Glowing Lanes - £720  Acrylic and pastel. A1 canvas.


Night  Light - £250  acrylic and ink on slate

Storm and Light - acrylic on slate £250

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