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Pet and People Portraits

I love to capture the wonderful characters of peoples pets. Animal fill our lives with such joy and pleasure. It is wonderful to bring these beautiful creatures to life in paint or drawings.

I can create a very personal pet portrait for you, which will be treasured forever. I can also draw human portraits too at the same price.

Horse portrait Doddy

A4 - Watercolour £195

A4 - Acrylic Painting £195

A4- Pen and Ink - £135

A4- Watercolour and pastel £195

A4 - Watercolour and ink £195

pastel and watercolour dog.

Doddy - A4 Acrylic Painting

Honey, Pencil and watercolour

Maisie Pencil, pastel and acrylic

Honey - A4 Pencil and Watercolour

Honey - Watercolour and pencil

Honey - A4 Pencil and Watercolour

Horse Pet Portrait . Pen and ink

Wilfy- Pen and Ink

Chloe and Fudge. Pastels and acrylic

Pastel and Acrylic

Coloured pencil and watercolour.JPG

Pencil and watercolour

Pastel and watercolour

Lucas A4- Acrylic painting

Terrier Love -Watercolour and Acrylic

Fudge Cake - Watercolour and Ink

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