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Author and Illustrator

Compass and Carrot - Book out April 20th

A story of Adventure, friendship and discovery.

Compass and Carrot

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This book is adapted from a story my Grandfather used to tell me as a child. He worked for G.W.R as an inspector. He was always passionate about railway safety and keeping children off the railway lines.

Right is a picture of Leneord Kingsbury in the middle. This book will be published this April in honour of him .

Reggie survival double page spread with
Back cover Reggie on horse copy.jpg

Set in beautiful Dartmoor. Wonderful paintings of the landscapes and animal characters. The images are in a unique 3D style. They are vibrant and colourful.

A story of adventure, strength and overcoming difficulties.

This book teaches children railway safety, ways to overcome problems. It promotes the value of the great outdoors and friendship.

The Story


Meet Reggie Rabbit as he packs his compass and Carrot to go on a brilliant adventure across beautiful Dartmoor.

He meets lots of lively characters on his journey, dogs, CATS and horses. With the help of some new friends and magical stones, Reggie is able to solve difficult challenges.


Be part of the adventure as he tries to find his way home safely. Reggie has his first adventure away from home. His parents warn him how dangerous the railway track is. Many of his friends have been injured. He must be prepared. He packs his bag and always takes a compass and carrot with him.


He travels across beautiful Dartmoor and is caught up in many storms. He is amazed by the natural beauty of nature and rests from the storm under a tree. Honey the bitter sweet cat befriends Reggie. Her friendship is false. This is one hungry and lazy cat who lures Reggie through woods to the railway track. Hoping for an easy meal.


Reggie is rescued from the train tracks by a beautiful Palamino pony called Chloe. He has been injured and lost his beautiful fluffy tail. Chloe finds his tail and helps Reggie onto her back. Reggie needs to find his way home. He can not remember where he lives as he is very stressed and upset.


On their journey they meet the happiest dog, Lucas. Lucas directs them to the wisest animal on the Moor. Fudgecake is the most beautifully coloured and inspiring animal they have ever met. Fudge teaches them wisdom and techniques to overcome their troubles with the use of magical stones. These techniques help Reggie clear his mind, enabling him to remember his way home. They journey through wild ponies, go letterboxing and encounter that naughty kitty Kat again.

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