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Book your Dartmoor art holiday and art courses. Experience fantastic painting techniques and stunning Dartmoor.

I will illustrate and make your book ready to print. See your pet painted beautifully.

Open for commissions- Only three spots left. Book immediately to avoid disappointment

contact me at

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Have you ever tasted a Zapple, Zip, zap,zoppidy BURP!

Each apple gives you a Zapple pop. This gives your mind and body Zopper energy.


In this beautifully written and illustrated Book, meet Wendell Wizard and his giant rats, Dratty and Bratty. They are amazed by Appley, the wise magic tree and his bees. Join them on the magical, fun journey and meet all the lively characters.


Significant issues are dealt with, including bullying, bragging and obesity. A sensitive, fun story that deals with complex issues and helps to empower children.

New Book Launch


50 Limited signed hardback copies.£12 ONLY 9 LEFT


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