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Compass and Carrot Videos

Children's Book, 2021

Reggie has his first adventure away from home. His parents warn him how dangerous the railway track is. Many of his friends have been injured. He must be prepared. He packs his bag and always takes a compass and carrot with him. 

He travels across beautiful Dartmoor and is caught up in many storms. He is amazed by the natural beauty of nature and rests from the storm under a tree.

Honey the bitter sweet cat befriends Reggie. Her friendship is false. This is one hungry and lazy cat who lures Reggie through woods to the railway track. Hoping for an easy meal.

Fudge teaches them wisdom and techniques to overcome their troubles with the use of magical stones. These techniques help Reggie clear his mind, enabling him to remember where he lives.


On their journey back, Chloe and Reggie meet the wild Dartmoor ponies and go letterboxing on the Moors.They out wit that naughty Kitty Kat. Honey cat.


This is a story of warmth,  adventure, love and friendship and helps children to overcome difficult situations. Giving them tools to become more confident.

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