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Children’s confidence seems to be at an all-time low with the influence of social media.

To be confident in yourself and your ability is one of the greatest gifts in life. Children have so much potential. It’s important that they believe in themselves.


This beautiful A4 hard back, quality book is signed for this limited edition print.


Have you ever tasted a Zapple, Zip, zap,zoppidy BURP!

Each apple gives you a Zapple pop. This gives your mind and body zopper energy.


In this beautifully written and illustrated Book, meet Wendell Wizard and his giant rats, Dratty and Bratty. They are amazed by Appley the wise magic tree and his bees. Join them on the magical, fun journey and meet all the lively characters.


Major issues are dealt with including bullying, bragging and obesity. A sensitive fun story that deals with difficult issues and helps to empower children.

The Bees and The Magic Tree

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